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Whether it is finding the right investment, optimizing a financing solution, investing in and managing a current asset, or creatively giving back to the community, we seek to add value to everyone we meet and enhance the value of businesses at every opportunity.

In addition, we remain dedicated and focused on our commitment to excellence in meeting the needs of our partners, team members, industry and the community at large. The realization of our vision results in a rapid growth of the Partner’s Equity Fund and the number of people we serve.


As the market and economy continue to recover, we see an unprecedented opportunity in acquiring businesses under $2.5 million. There are an estimate 2 million profitable businesses will need to sell and over half of them won’t be able to. These are profitable businesses that will either be liquidated or sold at great prices.


We help you take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity

Partner’s Equity Fund members are true entrepreneurs, comprised of consultants and business owners who wish to join the organization for collaboration, education, and growth. We invest in profitable businesses and help resolve common business challenges to help realize growth, profitability, and higher valuations.

There is nothing like having access to well-vetted small business acquisition opportunities. The Partner’s Equity Fund provides this hands-on opportunity through membership in one of our nationwide.

Once you join this organization, you are able to join the collective in personally guiding successful companies to overcome complex business obstacles, find appropriate levels of capital, and identify key personnel to help the organization reach its full potential.

Investors who join Partner’s Equity Fund may or may not include; angel investors, private capital, and/or venture capital partners.


The Uniqueness of Partner’s Equity Fund

The founder of Partner’s Equity Fund inspired to create this innovative model of private equity to help investors reduce their level of risk and actively participate in helping businesses grow.

Through this unique model, investors can review an opportunity with a membership team of experienced professionals in capital investment, corporate turn-arounds, executive transitions, succession planning, mergers & acquisitions, exit strategies, and many other professional disciplines.