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What is the Partner’s Equity Fund?

Partner’s Equity Fund is redefining investing in growing businesses. We bring together people from all areas of business—marketers, executives, consultants, investors, and business owners—to buy profitable businesses and fix companies that need help. We do it in a way that uses the collective brain power, relationship power, and experience of our Members in order to benefit all those involved in a deal.

What kind of business opportunities is the Partner’s Equity Fund looking for?

We acquire and partner with entrepreneurial companies, evaluate and prepare them for growth and eventual sale. Partner’s Equity Fund is looking for business owners that need guidance from experienced consulting and investment professionals to take them to the next level or provide an exit strategy.

How do you select business deals to pursue?

Partner’s Equity Fund works with profitable businesses we are seeking an exit strategy, professional consultants to help them remedy challenges within the organization, and/or that need additional capital to grow and/or prepare to sell.

Who selects business deals?

Individual members in Partner’s Equity Fund Chapters reach out through their network and business contacts to identify businesses in need of growth or an exit strategy. Partner’s Equity Fund will initiate a due diligence review and determine if the opportunity is to be pursued. The Chapter bringing in the deal will be assigned additional due diligence and a final decision is made by the team assigned together .

How is a business deal evaluated?

Each Partner’s Equity Fund deal is reviewed and voted on by the members. A decision will be made to pursue or explain to the business owner why it decided to not pursue it.

What is the time frame for selection?

An initial review for Step 1 usually takes five to seven business days . Steps 2 & 3 can take several weeks to several months. If a fit, Partner’s Equity Fund is one of the quickest ways for a business owner to exit their business.

How does the membership gain from the investment?

Investing members are paid in dividends or profit distribution from cash flow or execution of exit strategy.

Are specific industries targeted?

Partner’s Equity Fund works with businesses in any industry as long as members can provide value to the business.

Do we partner with existing business owners?

Yes, if the opportunity is right, we will invest along side a business owner and construct any relationship that makes sense to improve the businesses’ growth, cash position and exit strategy.

What is the service offering for business owners?

Partner’s Equity Fund and it’s members can provide business owners with merger and/or acquisition, partial or complete sale, succession planning, strategic partnerships, management outsourcing, exit strategy, access to growth capital. We also provides company growth strategy, business development, marketing and turnaround strategies.

What exclusions are there in selecting a business client?

Pre-revenue, absolute start-up organizations, or any business not currently profitable.


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